Review of State Farm Drive Safe and Save

Have you ever considered how much money driving safely could save you on car insurance? State Farm’s Drive Responsible and Save program, which is intended to reward safe drivers with savings on their auto insurance, is one option that could help lower your premium. The State Farm Drive Safe and Save initiative was the subject of considerable investigation by Bankrate. Our examination of the program’s characteristics can help you determine whether this choice is best for you.

State Farm Drive Safe and Save: What is it?

The Drive Safe and Save program may be a fantastic opportunity for drivers with State Farm auto insurance to reduce their monthly premiums. According to State Farm, drivers can participate and save up to 30% while also receiving a first-time discount just for joining up. If you have a 2020 model year or later Ford or Lincoln vehicle, you can use the Connected Car function to get started, or you can download a smartphone app.

Both the App Store and Google Play have given the Drive Safe and Save app ratings of 4.6 out of 5.0 and 4.2 out of 5.0 respectively. The majority of Drive Safe and Save reviews mention how user-friendly the software is and how it keeps drivers aware of their driving habits. On both platforms, users, however, have expressed frustration that the app occasionally wrongly ranks their driving, particularly if they have to swerve to escape a collision.

State Farm will track your driving habits to calculate how much you could save on your auto insurance whether you use the app or the Connected Car option. Additionally, you may use Amazon Alexa to check the status and value of the Drive Safe and Save discount. The program is optional, and drivers who, due to their driving behaviors, are unable to qualify for a discount will not be subject to an increase in their auto insurance premiums following the program’s completion.

What is the operation of State Farm Drive Safe and Save?

State Farm might make it simple if all you want to do is drive and save. The business created a telematics service for auto insurance that monitors specific driving habits and offers you a discount based on how safely you drive. You may download the Drive Safe and Save app for free from the App Store or Google Play. To install it, stick to these steps:

  • To acquire a link to download the software from Google Play or the App Store, text “SAVE” to 42407.
  • Utilize your user ID and password from to log in to the installed app.
  • Check your score as you drive! It is that simple.

Drive Safe and Save: How does it work? Simple enough: the software receives information about your driving habits from your phone, which tracks them. You must therefore have your Bluetooth and location settings active while you are driving.

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You can skip the app and sign up for the program using State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save Connected Car option if your Ford or Lincoln is a 2020 model or newer:

  • Add your car to the “Garage” section of the FordPass or Lincoln Way mobile applications (depending on the make of your car).
  • Inform your State Farm representative that you wish to sign up for Drive Safe and Save.
  • The next time you start your car, an in-vehicle agreement ought to appear. You’ll be enrolled once you submit the form!

What is tracked by Drive Safe and Save?

You now understand how the system operates, but what exactly does Drive Safe and Save track? Drive Safe and Save is a usage-based and telematics service, which means it keeps track of your driving patterns and mileage. The connected car program or the app will monitor a number of aspects of your driving, including:

  • Acceleration: If you accelerate too quickly, you may lose control of your vehicle and run the risk of getting in an accident.
  • Faster acceleration and rapid braking can both be indicators of risky driving practices. It could be possible to slow down more smoothly if you maintain a safe space from the car in front of you.
  • Cornering: Telematics can monitor quick, sharp corners, which are typically not considered to be safe driving practices. You may be less in control of your car when making quick or sudden bends, which could cause accidents.
  • Speed: One of the riskiest driving practices, speeding can result in more frequent and serious accidents. You may be able to get a bigger discount through the Drive Safe and Save program by obeying the speed limit.
  • Phone use: Despite the fact that using a mobile phone while driving is clearly dangerous, many people continue to do so. When you use your phone, the Drive Safe and Save technology might detect it and lowers your earned discount level. Utilizing a phone less while driving will boost your State Farm Drive Safe and Save discount while making the roads safer for everyone.

State Farm compiles all these elements and incorporates them into your Drive Safe and Save grades, which give the company an overview of your driving prowess. Your discount % is determined using these grades. You may be able to receive a sizable reduction on your auto insurance if you drive carefully and steer clear of dangers like forceful braking and speeding.

How does State Farm Drive Safe and Save help you save money?

State Farm will evaluate your driving safety when renewing your policy using the information from Drive Safe and Save. It may assign a discount to your policy, which can be up to 30% off, based on the variables it measures, like acceleration, braking, and other benchmarks.

Do I qualify for the Drive Safe and Save program?

By choosing the Drive Safe and Save program, responsible drivers could receive a sizable reduction in their insurance cost. You may benefit from program discounts shown in your rate by maintaining low-risk driving.

Given that there is no chance of premium increases as a result of participation in the program, it might also be a useful alternative for people who want to improve their driving habits. Tickets or traffic stops are not tracked by the program. You might not be able to take advantage of Drive Safe and Save’s maximum discount if you frequently travel vast distances, possibly as part of your daily commute.

Young drivers may also benefit from usage-based insurance. State Farm’s program could provide you with an informal means of knowing how well your teen or young adult driver is performing behind the wheel so you can assist them in becoming a safer and more knowledgeable driver.

A lot of people have questions

How does telematics function?

The position, speed, and driving behavior of the driver are all determined through telematics, which combines GPS technology with in-app diagnostics. An vehicle insurance like State Farm may be able to use these characteristics to gather precise information about driving patterns and risk levels.

With Drive Safe and Save, might your rates increase?

If you drive more than the vehicle’s low-mileage discount (under 7,500 miles annually), your premium will only go up. You might forfeit the discount in this situation. Your participation discount will probably be lost if you don’t receive a discount from the program.

Is it necessary for a household’s entire fleet to participate?

No. Each car enrolled in this program receives discounts that are specific to that vehicle. You are not need to enroll every vehicle in your home, but you will only receive a discount on the vehicles you do. If you live with a driver that isn’t a good fit for the program, this function might be useful.

Can State Farm Drive Safe and Save be disabled?

Your agent is probably your best bet if you’re unsure of how to stop the State Farm Drive Safe and Save program. The app won’t be able to record a trip if you decide to turn off your phone’s Bluetooth and location services while you’re driving. The software could potentially be uninstalled. However, since you will still be enrolled in the program, there can be repercussions for your behavior. You should probably get in touch with your agent to talk about ending the program.

Can you cheat using Drive Safe and Save?

To evaluate if you are qualified for a discount and how much of a discount to give you, Drive Safe and Save looks at your actual driving behaviors. You can learn more about your driving behaviors with the application, and you might even see improvements. A program-cheating attempt will simply prevent you from learning safer driving techniques. Even worse, if the firm determines that you cheated the system by reporting incorrect data, your entire policy could be cancelled.

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