Can vandalism be covered by auto insurance?

The cost of repairs may be high if your car is extensively damaged as a result of vandalism. Broken windows, paint on the hood, keyed doors, slashed tires, etc. may all rapidly mount up in expense. Additionally, catalytic converters on hybrid and electric vehicles have recently been targeted by thieves with hacksaws, which can result in costly repairs. The good news is that you might not have to cover the entire cost out of your own pocket. Your auto insurance may in some circumstances assist you in covering the costs of the damage.

However, it is crucial to understand more about automobile vandalism and how your auto insurance policy covers it because it isn’t always worthwhile to file a claim for damages caused by vandalism. With this information, you might be more equipped to decide how to handle a prospective claim for damages. What you need to know about whether or not vandalism is covered by auto insurance

What is vandalism against cars?

The deliberate destruction or damage of a vehicle is known as auto vandalism. There are a few popular types, but if your policy includes the appropriate coverage, auto insurance may be able to assist with the cost of the repairs. Here are some examples of vandalism you might encounter:

  • Body damage/defacement: Examples of body damage to an automobile include spray painting it or using sharp instruments to scrape the paint off the outside. Minor scratches can occasionally be polished out, but most of the time, body damage of this nature necessitates a new paint job or replacement panels.
  • Broken windshields and other car glass nearly always need to be replaced, while broken headlights or side mirrors typically need to have a new part put.
  • Tires that have been damaged or stolen will render your vehicle immobile, necessitating the use of a tow truck to get it to the mechanic. Checking your policy to see what is covered by your insurance is a smart idea.

You should file a claim as quickly as possible if your automobile has been vandalized and you want your insurance to pay for the repairs. But you must have the proper coverage in your policy for insurance to contribute to covering the costs of the damages.

Vandalism and auto insurance

If your policy offers comprehensive coverage, vandalism-related damages will be covered by your auto insurance. Full coverage auto insurance policies frequently contain comprehensive coverage in addition to collision coverage.

Since comprehensive insurance is typically not required by state law, it is optional. However, the lender may demand complete coverage if you are financing your car with a loan or lease. It is significant to know that comprehensive insurance will not pay for any personal belongings taken from the vehicle as a result of the vandalism. Your homeowners or renters insurance would provide coverage for your personal property. It is a good idea to speak with your insurance provider to go over your coverage possibilities if someone steals personal stuff out of a car.

It’s not always a good idea to file an insurance claim after your automobile has been vandalized. Typically, a deductible must be met before comprehensive coverage will pay for the damages. You could be better off covering the cost of the repairs out of your own money if the damage to your car is only marginally greater than your deductible. If you need assistance deciding whether or whether to file a claim, contact an agent.

Check the policy information on your declaration page if you are unsure if your policy offers comprehensive coverage. To find out what is covered, you can also contact your insurance company or agent.

Vandalism allegations

You should make an insurance claim for vandalism as soon as you become aware of the harm. Before making a claim with your insurer, you might need to submit a police report. Understanding the fundamental procedures involved in making a car vandalism claim is crucial to ensuring that the claims process runs properly.

Make a police call

Verify that you are not in any risk first. If your car has been vandalized, you should report it to the authorities in your area because vandalism is illegal. A police report might be necessary if you choose to make a claim with your motor insurer. It’s a good idea to document the vandalism’s harm while it’s still recent in your memory. When you later communicate with your insurance provider, these facts may come in handy.

Submit a police report

The police force might or might not send a representative to the location. If so, they could want to look at your car. You might need to call the police station to file the report if no one is available at the time. Give as many details as you can while being totally honest. Request a copy of the report because you might need to deliver it to the person handling your insurance claim.

Call your car insurance company

You should get in touch with your auto insurer as soon as you can to submit the claim. The majority of the time, you can do this over the phone, and some insurers have online resources or mobile apps that let you file claims. The date, time, location of the damage on the vehicle, where it was parked, and the police report number will probably be requested by the insurer. When submitting the claim, it helps to have these information available.

The claims adjuster for a meeting

You will probably need to schedule a time for the claims adjuster to visit the car because vandalism claims frequently call for an examination. After noting the damages, the adjuster will inform you of the subsequent steps in the claim procedure.

Repair the vehicle

Take your car to the repair shop as soon as your auto insurer confirms your claim. Although the insurance may give you a list of recommended repair shops, you are free to choose a different shop if you like. You should be aware that the procedure can take longer if you do not use the shop that the insurer recommends.

A lot of people have questions

What happens if the coverage in your insurance is not all-encompassing?

Unless your auto insurance policy provided full coverage at the time your automobile was damaged, you are generally not typically covered for losses brought on by vandalism. It’s quite doubtful that your insurance company will ever permit you to add comprehensive coverage after the fact to aid with the cost of repairing vandalism damage that has already occurred. Consider whether you want to add comprehensive coverage to your policy if you are worried about the possibility of future vandalism damage to your car.

What is the price of full coverage insurance?

As of 2022, the average annual premium for full coverage auto insurance is $1,771. However, because auto insurance rates depend on a number of variables, such as the vehicle you drive, your driving record, your location, and more, the cost of your full coverage auto insurance policy will probably be different from the average. It may be advantageous for you to shop around and obtain quotes from several different insurance providers in order to compare prices and coverage options if you’re looking for the best auto insurance policy at the most reasonable cost.

Which events are covered by comprehensive auto insurance?

Wide-ranging events are protected by comprehensive coverage. If your auto insurance policy contains comprehensive coverage, it might also pay for damage brought on by riots, fire, theft, fallen items, and collisions with animals on the road. The specific coverages on your policy should be discussed with your agent in order to understand how each company’s coverage may vary differently.

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