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In Greensboro, North Carolina, the average cost of a full coverage policy is $1,392 a year, or $16 per month, compared to $449 for the minimum coverage. Drivers looking for the most affordable auto insurance in Greensboro may wish to request estimates from Geico, State Farm, or the North Carolina Farm Bureau. According to research by Bankrate, these three insurers provide some of the most affordable typical auto insurance rates in Greensboro.

Best affordable auto insurance providers in Greensboro

According to information provided by Quadrant Information Services, Geico, State Farm, and North Carolina Farm Bureau offer some of the finest affordable auto insurance Greensboro residents might wish to take into consideration. Some of the least expensive providers if you only need the bare minimum of coverage include Nationwide, State Farm, and Geico. The parameters used to calculate the Bankrate Score include quoted yearly premiums, third-party rankings, financial strength ratings, coverage kinds, discounts, and availability. When looking for auto insurance, this five-point grading system created by Bankrate may help you rapidly evaluate a provider and contrast carriers.

Insurance companyBankrate ScoreJ.D. Power score (Southeast region)Average annual premium for full coverageAverage annual premium for minimum coverage
State Farm4.6855/1,000$938$331
North Carolina Farm Bureau3.6844/1,000$1,071$356


Geico frequently appears on “best of” lists due to its favorable customer reviews and inexpensive pricing. Drivers in Greensboro will discover that Geico’s typical prices are much lower than the city average, despite the fact that this company offers fewer extra add-on coverages. With potential reductions for members of linked firms and organizations, including members of the military, policyholders may save even more on their premium. On our list, Geico has the lowest J.D. Power score, which suggests that some clients might not be happy with the service.

City Farm

Drivers who like to deal with a local agent face-to-face may find State Farm to be a decent option because it offers coverage through a network of independent agents. There are 23 agents for the carrier in the Greensboro region. J.D. Power rates State Farm highly for customer satisfaction, while AM Best has given it its top financial strength grade. Despite doing better than average in the Southeast, State Farm offers few supplemental coverages and discounts, which may not be the best fit for all drivers’ requirements.

Farm Bureau of North Carolina

The North Carolina Farm Bureau completes the top three list of Greensboro’s cheapest car insurance providers, but you must be a member to benefit from their prices. The company specialises in farm-based insurance products but only provides basic coverage for motor insurance. Despite having reasonable rates, North Carolina Farm Bureau scores slightly below the Southeast industry average for customer satisfaction and has the lowest Bankrate Score on our list of Greensboro lenders.


Also worth considering for drivers in Greensboro, North Carolina, is Nationwide auto insurance. This provider has some of the most affordable minimum coverage rates in the region, but its full coverage rates are among the highest on our list. Nationwide has a number of options to save, like its SmartRide and SmartMiles programs, to keep the cost of auto insurance low. Depending on the area, Nationwide offers vanishing deductible and accident forgiveness options for drivers wishing to customize their policies. In the Southeast, it also obtained a J.D. Power rating that was above average.


Of the Greensboro auto insurance providers on our list, Erie Insurance has the greatest J.D. Power customer satisfaction rating, placing third in the Southeast. A comprehensive coverage auto insurance policy from Erie includes free extras like veterinary care in the event that your pet is hurt in an accident, auto glass repair, and locksmith services in the event that you become car-locked out. The cost of these extras is still an issue, with Erie being the priciest carrier on our list. The company’s Rate Lock feature, fortunately, may be able to keep your charges stable over time.

How to find and maintain affordable auto insurance in Greensboro

Finding the most affordable auto insurance in Greensboro is one thing; maintaining it is quite another. You might be able to keep low rates by paying attention to these suggestions. These pointers might also be beneficial in other states.

  • Consider comparing prices from other auto insurance providers to find affordable car insurance. You might be able to find the least expensive carrier for your coverage requirements by comparing quotations for the identical coverage selections. Speaking with an independent agent might help you focus your search and obtain quotations if you’re unsure of the kind and extent of the coverage you require.
  • Keep a clean driving record to keep your affordable auto insurance. Keeping a clean driving record can be one of the simplest methods to keep your vehicle insurance costs low. This might prevent rate increases for you. Additionally, avoiding fines and incidents where you were at fault could qualify you for telematics programs or safe driving discounts.

A lot of people have questions

What is Greensboro, North Carolina’s top auto insurance provider?

In North Carolina, there are several reliable vehicle insurance providers. Based on reviews from customers and prices, we discovered that State Farm, USAA, Geico, and Clearcover provide some of the finest auto insurance in the area. However, when it comes to auto insurance, each driver may have different goals and financial restrictions. The majority of insurance professionals advise comparing quotes from various providers to identify the one that best suits your needs.

How much does Greensboro auto insurance cost?

In Greensboro, North Carolina, the average cost of auto insurance is $449 for the bare minimum of coverage and $1,392 for full coverage. Depending on the carrier you select, your driving history, age, and ZIP code, your rate may change.

In Greensboro, how much auto insurance do I need?

To be able to drive legally in North Carolina, all drivers must possess the necessary liability insurance. This includes at least $30,000 in physical harm to each person, $60,000 in physical harm to each accident, and at least $25,000 in physical harm to property. Your carrier is required to notify the DMV if your insurance expires.

In North Carolina, does auto insurance cover the vehicle or the driver?

Car insurance in North Carolina travels with the vehicle. Therefore, if you let someone borrow your car and they had a collision, the accident would be covered by your auto insurance, not the person who borrowed your car. If you let someone else drive your car, think about the consequences you can experience since if they cause an accident, it might have a negative effect on your insurance coverage.

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