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How to Sell Your Fur Coat for the Most Money

No longer sporting your fur? Thanks to a variety of expert fur reselling, recycling, and donation businesses that are both online and offline, it’s easy to get rid of clothes that are either too small, out of style, or simply taking up too much space in your wardrobe. Therefore, how do you “shed” fur from your closet?

Prior to listing a fur coat, determine its value by looking at its quality, maintenance history, and skin type.
If you intend to sell your coat on your own, get a professional appraisal done; consignment stores or fur resellers will demand their own appraisals.
If you’re thinking about selling it yourself, sell it through eBay or another consumer marketplace that has safeguards in place to keep you safe, such as buyer ratings, transparent return policy, and requirements for who pays for shipping.
Instead of trying to sell your premium fur yourself, think about letting an experienced specialized re-seller locate the ideal buyer for you.

Evaluating the value

Priorities come first. Used fur’s worth or marketability is greatly influenced by its condition, how well it has been taken care of, and, of course, the type of skin. Many owners have inflated ideas of what their used fur is worth. When you get a fur home, depreciation starts to work and its worth starts to decline, just like with almost every other item of apparel (some name-brand jewelry excluded). The longer a coat has been hanging in your closet, the less expensive it may have gotten because fur pelts also dry out with time.

It is strongly advised that you get an appraisal if you intend to sell the coat yourself: A fur appraiser’s inspection is truly needed to establish the value of a garment in order to determine its current market value. Find a qualified furrier to handle this for you (online or in your neighborhood). Depending on where you live, they might even sell your coat for you. However, it’s likely that online fur consignment or reselling organizations will insist on conducting their own appraisal.

Consider selling an old fur coat if you haven’t worn it in a while. The price of your coat will depend on its quality, age, fur type, and condition. But before you assign a price to it, acquire a qualified valuation.

Own It and Sell It

Fur coats can be found on a thriving secondary market on the well-known online auction site eBay, which even includes a guide on how to sell your item there. The vendor must devote time and effort to this method of selling, though.

To start, you must note all the characteristics of your coat (such as the type of fur, measurements, lining material, embroidery, etc.) and have a reasonable estimation of its current value. How much have similar items been priced by other eBay sellers? Yours will need to be priced competitively to stand out from the fur crowd if you truly want to sell. You must have lots of high-quality images. Even if you charge the customer for shipping (as many eBay sellers do), you’ll still be in charge of packaging, insuring, and shipping the item once it sells.

Give it to someone else to sell

Used (or “estate,” as they prefer to call them) furs are frequently sold in designer-focused consignment and vintage clothing shops. Online, there are a ton of channels for consignment sales and specialized fur vendors. They take care of all the inconveniences associated with selling your outfit, even though you must split the profits with them. Before announcing a price for your coat, some companies will demand a physical inspection; other companies, like BuyMyFur, will send you an estimate. Send your fur to them if you are satisfied with the quote, and they will promote and sell your item for you. The only thing left to do is wait for your cheque to arrive in the mail.

CASH FOR FUR COATS is a different website with an original strategy. They are committed to recycling furs and will pay “fair market value” for your used item, which they will utilize to make other items like teddy bears and cushions. Their expert furrier needs to check the coat in order to assess its condition and provide a pricing.

Be a good person

The annual Coats for Cubs fur campaign promotes the donation of fur goods to aid in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals across the United States if you’re in a position to be charitable (or feel like giving back to nature). Buffalo Exchange, a reseller of old apparel, is in charge of the campaign. You may just drop off unwanted furs at any of its stores during a designated annual drive time, which is typically from January through April. Donated furs are delivered to wildlife rehabilitation facilities where they are utilized as bedding, giving healing animals a more wholesome, natural environment.

Donations are tax deductible, but since Buffalo Exchange cannot furnish receipts, it may be challenging to claim a deduction for the clothing that exceeds $500 (the standard for noncash items), should the IRS begin to investigate. You might give your coat to a charity or local thrift shop if it has a four-figure value. Just make sure to obtain a receipt as confirmation of your charity contribution and keep that document close at hand.

The conclusion

There are a ton of firms on the internet that are prepared to buy, sell, or accept your fur for you, whether you want to upgrade to a more stylish fur type, just need more room in your closet, or no longer feel comfortable possessing fur. Just keep in mind that the longer you let something hang in your closet, the more its quality and value will decline, so the sooner you act, the better.

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