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Your driving record is one of the most important rating elements used by car insurance providers to set your rate. Because of the development of telemetry technology, insurers can now see a live peek of your driving patterns. Telematics may be one of the simplest ways for careful drivers to reduce their auto insurance costs. The insurance editorial staff at Bankrate investigates Progressive’s Snapshot, one of the most well-liked telematics programs, to assist you in determining whether this discount can lower (or raise) the cost of your auto insurance.

Progressive Snapshot: What is it?

Safe Progressive drivers may find Snapshot to be a great method to reduce their auto insurance costs. With the help of an app on your phone or a plug-in device for your car, this telematics program keeps track of your driving behaviors. Snapshot keeps tabs on your driving habits, records the times of day you drive, and keeps tabs on how frequently you use your car and how much you talk on your phone.

For holders of Progressive policies, Snapshot is free, and the company’s website claims that only by registering, you might save an average of $47. (unless you live in New York or Hawaii). Except for California, the program is accessible across the entire nation.

After enrolling in the program, you will see the Snapshot discount if your safe driving qualifies you for one on your subsequent renewal. According to Progressive, the average Snapshot reduction is $156. However, if your driving behaviors indicate that you are a dangerous driver, your rate may go up.

What is the operation of Progressive Snapshot?

It’s simple to register for Progressive Snapshot. When you sign up for Snapshot, you may either immediately download the iOS or Android-compatible Snapshot app, or you can wait for the firm to send you a small dongle that you can insert into your car’s OBD2 port, which is typically found under the steering wheel.

Then proceed to drive as usual. The Snapshot gadget will beep if it detects that you are engaging in risky behavior. GPS technology is used by the plug-in device and app to track your location and speed. The software can send information back to Progressive using Wi-Fi and the sensors on your smartphone.

You still have some influence over how much information is sent. For instance, if you are taking a vacation or are a passenger rather than a driver, you can halt the monitoring system. You can access the data gathered, obtain driving advice, and see specifics on any car journeys you have taken by logging into your Progressive account.

Effectively does Progressive Snapshot reduce rates?

Depending on how successfully (or terribly) you drive, Snapshot may lower or raise your rate.

The majority of new Progressive clients are eligible for a modest participation discount simply for joining up. Then, for the duration of the policy term, you must utilize Snapshot via the mobile app or plug-in device (six months or a year, depending on your contract). Progressive will substitute the participation discount with the Snapshot discount and apply it to your renewal term if Snapshot shows that you are a safe driver during that period.

However, if Snapshot identifies you as a dangerous driver, your charges can increase. According to Progressive, around 20% of the Snapshot participants see their rates go up as a result of their driving practices.

What types of driving behaviors does Progressive Snapshot track?

To create your driving reports, Snapshot analyzes your driving patterns. In addition, it uses the information to evaluate underwriting, develop new products, and resolve vehicle claims. The following are some of the driving traits that Snapshot tracks:

  • Snapshot searches for effortless acceleration without jackrabbit starts and gentle braking. If you can, try to avoid slamming on the brakes until it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Avoid operating a vehicle after midnight (between midnight and 6 a.m.). The National Safety Council says that driving is most hazardous on weekends between midnight to six in the morning. Snapshot might not be a suitable option for you if you must frequently drive during these hours.
  • Mileage: Snapshot rewards drivers who put in relatively few miles or who frequently carpool because they are less likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Using your mobile device: Snapshot can track when you’ve been texting or making phone calls if you’re using the mobile app. Avoiding these activities will keep you safe and help you get a better deal.
  • Speeding: Snapshot will record any violations of the posted speed limit.

Snapshot may not be for you if you struggle with the aforementioned problems. But if you drive safely and abstain from risky behaviors, Snapshot can up up saving you money.

Your smartphone’s Snapshot mobile app stores driving and analytics data for a short period of time. The statistics and data that were saved are also deleted when the app is deleted. Progressive keeps all driving and analytics data sent to their Snapshot system for indeterminate periods of time.

Progressive retains the right to share your Snapshot data with third parties, as stated in Snapshot’s privacy statement:

  • To maintain the insurance contract
  • In order to identify or stop fraudulent conduct
  • As permitted and necessary by law for a police investigation, or when subpoenaed for a civil case, for marketing and research purposes
  • To support rates, government insurance departments
  • To the service provider for Progressive
  • To other insurers or lawyers to settle claims or legal proceedings

Progressive is permitted by the agreements to share depersonalized data with more third parties. All drivers on your policy may have their data used by Progressive for marketing purposes. Users have the option to limit how their data is used for marketing purposes.

How does Progressive identify the driver?

All drivers are required to download the mobile app to their phone as part of the enrolling process. Drivers can choose the car they use the most in various states. That phone will then always be connected to a specific car. Progressive averages the data from all the cellphones covered by the coverage in different states.

Progressive claims that its mobile app should be able to identify who is driving and only utilize the data from that person’s phone in situations where two drivers in a household are in the car together. However, if there is a problem with the app, there is a chance to correct the trip details if necessary.

Savings for progressive snapshots

By adopting the following driving behaviors, progressive policyholders who enroll in Snapshot may be able to optimize their savings:

  • Limit abrupt braking and acceleration: You can increase your Snapshot discount by refraining from putting your foot on the accelerator and slamming on the brakes.
  • Avoid driving after midnight: Driving at less dangerous periods of the day can result in greater savings.
  • Reduce your mileage or consider carpooling to increase your savings.
  • Stay off your phone: You can save more money by abstaining from talking on the phone or sending texts while driving.

Who is a good candidate for the Progressive Snapshot app?

Consider your driving patterns to determine if Progressive Snapshot is a good choice for you. Drivers that refrain from using their phones while driving, minimize late-night driving on the weekends, limit abrupt braking and acceleration, and are normally low-mileage drivers are rewarded by Progressive Snapshot. Progressive Snapshot might be worth a go if you already drive this way or want to start doing so more frequently.

If you currently have auto insurance with another provider but are interested in seeing if Progressive Snapshot will reduce your rate, you might want to think about participating in the Snapshot Road Test. You can use this program to test out Snapshot for 30 days to determine whether your driving behavior qualifies you for a discount if you switch to Progressive.

How does Progressive Snapshot help you save money?

Only good drivers receive prizes from Progressive’s Snapshot program. Good drivers may receive a discount on their auto insurance premium throughout the monitoring period. Most insurance providers give discounts on auto coverage to students who do well in school, get married, buy a home, or combine their auto and home insurance policies. However, based on real-time data, usage-based insurance solutions like Snapshot give discounts for responsible driving.

The value of Progressive Snapshot

Snapshot monitors your driving patterns and establishes your new rate in a single policy period, unlike other insurance telematics solutions that call for prolonged monitoring.

Customer feedback for Progressive Snapshot reveals that consumers are generally satisfied with the application. Snapshot might enable you to reduce your annual auto insurance costs by several hundred dollars if you keep a clean driving record and always follow the traffic laws.

A lot of people have questions

Which auto insurance provider is the best?

The finest auto insurance will vary from person to person because purchasing auto insurance is such a highly individualized procedure. It can be beneficial to take into account the number of vehicles and drivers you want to have covered by your insurance, as well as your geographic area and any discounts. It doesn’t hurt to browse around and get many estimates to compare your options when seeking for the best auto insurance.

What is the potential savings using Progressive Snapshot?

Drivers who sign up for Progressive Snapshot can save up to $156 in annual insurance costs. However, keep in mind that based on driving behaviors, the ultimate reduction may differ for each driver.

Which auto insurance providers provide telematics discounts?

There are other auto insurers than Progressive that provide telematics discounts. Although the discount amount and state eligibility varies, other companies like Allstate, Nationwide, Root, American Family, and Geico provide usage-based telematics discounts.

You won’t be able to take part in this promotion if Progressive does not provide your auto insurance. The Snapshot Road Test, a free trial offered by Progressive, allows you to test the telematics system and determine how much you might save without switching your auto insurance.

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