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Stay away from these health and safety hazards to avoid ruining your vacation.

Increased household hazard hazards that could result in accidents and property damage are present throughout the holiday season.

Families and friends are already making plans to get together and celebrate the holidays now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

Getting joyful is how Americans celebrate the holidays, but if you’re not attentive about holiday dangers at home, pandemonium may quickly turn into tragedy.

Several examples would be:

Thanksgiving Day sees 1,700 cooking fires annually on average, which is more than three times the amount on any other day of the year.

—- The United States According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, dry Christmas tree and holiday candle fires cause property losses of up to $56 million each year.

Additionally, the CPSC noted that there are 160 decorating-related injuries every day throughout the Christmas season, with falls accounting for roughly half of the cases. “Around 14,800 people visited the emergency room in 2019 alone due to injuries sustained while Christmas decoration.

Turkey fryers present particular concerns. The CPSC has documented 222 fire, scalding, or burn occurrences with turkey fryers since 1998. These accidents cost $9.7 million in lost property and caused 83 injuries. The use of turkey fryers is “highly discouraged” by the National Fire Prevention Association since it can result in serious burns, other injuries, and property damage.

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